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Bed Wetting

Families Dept.

From the Office of Administration

Bed wetting, is a common childhood ailment. It’s official name is Nocturnal Enuresis, and is is something that is very treatable.

The first, and most important thing to remember is that when a child wets the bed, they are not doing it on purpose. It is something that is involuntary and a child should never be made to feel ashamed or belittled for wetting the bed. To do so could actually cause the problem to get worse.

Many children who wet the bed are deep sleepers, and often dream that they are using the restroom, only to wake up all wet.

Most children eventually stop wetting the bed as they get older. For those who do need additional help, A doctor should be sought out to give you some assistance in learning how to retrain your child’s brain

Some of the things that you can try at home is:
Not giving the child liquids before going to bed.
Making sure the child has used the bathroom before going to bed.
Having the child visualize waking up in the middle of the night and going to the bathroom when the urge to pee comes on.
Have the child wait a little longer to pee during the day to help strengthen his or her bladder.
Purchasing a bed wetting alarm which can wake the child as soon as it sense moisture.

The doctor may prescribe some medicines to help, but no medicine offers a long term solution.

It may seem daunting and for the child it can be embarrassing and frustrating, but with some effort, and support you can help your child overcome this.

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